Book Club Announcement!

Great news for book lovers! The library will now be hosting monthly book clubs. Thanks to the recent receipt of a grant from the American Library Association’s National Endowment for the Humanities Rescue Plan, the Edgerton Public Library looks forward to hosting these book clubs, as well as upcoming programming, to provide participants an opportunity for conversation and connection.

Each month, we will provide every participant a FREE copy of a book related to the humanities. What are the humanities? Good question. The term humanities can encompass many subjects, including language, history, literature, philosophy, ethics, art, comparative religion, and more. In short, the humanities are areas of knowledge which examine human beings and their culture. Know any books that fit that category? If you answered almost all of them, you’re correct! Which books will we be reading? The librarians have composed a list of possible titles, including new and old, fiction and nonfiction, but we’d love your input as well. Please feel free to suggest titles when you’re picking up your newest read at the library and be on the lookout for an upcoming survey. You may join as many of these book clubs as you wish. Participation in one does not commit you to participation in all of them. Titles and dates for the upcoming month’s book selection will be announced near the end of each current month.

Watch our facebook page for details each month!